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Update on stocks

Posted by Danny on September 27, 2010

Since our latest post the Nasdaq has bottomed out and staged an impressive rally.
The mild scenario we described seems to be in play.
With our Chinese cycles turning positive towards year’s end, we can expect some further gains here.
It wouldn’t surprise me if we gradually work back up to the highs seen last April.
Next projected lows in our cycles are coming February-March.

Here is the updated prognosis chart (click for full size image):

As for gold stocks, the price of gold and silver has been doing better than we expected.
But the XAU index is still lagging and not making new highs.
That makes me cautious for this market.
Our longer term cycles point to a bottom for gold markets next year, so that’s when I will be looking for a possible buying opportunity.

Good luck, Danny

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