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Forecasts for 2012

Posted by Danny on January 19, 2012

Hi all,

We just released the FPF forecasts for 2012.
A bit later than normal, but this year it includes 67 pages of charts for many markets around the world, forex and commodities. So it took us longer to prepare.

This year we include not only the Chinese cycles we normally use in combination with trend lines, but you also get to see our proprietary indicators, which help to spot changes in trends quite early.

In short summary, all the methods I use point to an up year for most stock markets.
To learn more just download the PDF file (it is too long to include here).
You can read it directly on your computer, or make a high quality print out.
Here is the link:

It is an over 8MB file, so please be patient.
If too many people download at the same time, then it may get slow. In that case just try again later.


4 Responses to “Forecasts for 2012”

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  2. Clement said

    The charts are great, but I differ with you numbers. The ES will get to 1700 -1800 and possibly 2200. The CAD will get to 1.39 but more than likely 1.51/1.59 meaning the DX will get to .41 or .51. I think .41.

    Crude oil should get to 150 first ( May or April ) and then down then up to 200 by end of 2012 then down and then high again of $250-300 in 2014/2015. Copper should make a great high in 2012 to $8 +, silver to $80-100, gold to $2,600+ then down big correction then up into 2014…double top???

    TSE will be 22,400 minimum in 2014/2015 and possibly 36,243 and maybe 40,000 area in a parabolic move. By 2014 latest 2016 the ES will be 3,200 but more than likely 3,600-4,000. We are going to have great markets from 2012-2014/2016 and then down hard into 2019.

    The next superstar market is ??

    Natural Gas the best commodity in 2012 with a move to $22 area by 2015. $8-9 is a for sure target and with the dollar start crashing after Feb. 4, 2012 there could be a rapid move up just like Wheat in 2010. The final high could/should come in Oct/Nov/Dec 2012 with a price of 18 area….watch all those so called surplus for 100 years now become a shortage……

    Beans, Corn to make up retracements 2012 then down and another high in 2013/2014. Wheat bigger high should be in 2014 although a up move should be coming up may not take out the weekly high of 2011

    Yen to make a major high soon…..then down. This year the Yen after making a high will drop downward into the future till.

    The best trade of the decade.. 2010-2020 is ??

    Remember your mind always plays tricks on you…”Buy low sell high” “Sell high buy low”

    Buy Msft, Wal Mart ( $90+ and $110 + easy by 2014 ). Buy after july/Aug 2012. $150-250 by 2014/2015. Buy encana, alta.

    My favorite Cdn stock will get to $80-100 from single digits by 2014/2015 and my favorite US stock will get to over $200 from single digits by 2016. Very easy to figure out…no juniors or ventures here…

    Remember MAC at $18 now $100…domtar 96 cents…to 102…chance…no…all planned…..”nothing happens by chance.”

    Good luck.

    “Seek and Ye shall find.” The future. And this has nothing to do with religion, although there is a spiritual or higher being out there watching for it gave us the Mayan, Egyptians, South Indians “Vastu ” temples…the 7 great magnificent edifices and cultures….all planned and “it” will be back. Talk to him and you will find, but your soul must be for good and NOT for MONEY OR GREED.

    Best luck and health.

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