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June 2013 Newsletter

Posted by Danny on June 12, 2013

Four Pillars Finance newsletter for June 2013

Can also be downloaded at this link:

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December 09 – stocks

Posted by Danny on December 7, 2009


Current level: 2194

In our November newsletter we predicted a new attempt to rally higher, and probable failure to break higher.

That’s pretty much what happened, the Nasdaq rallied almost 10%, but again seems to stall at the 2200 level.

The FPF Index for Nasdaq is still positive for December, but off its peak, and next January will offer another last chance to put in a top.

So we may see a brief jump to 2300 and a possible top in January. But I wouldn’t bet on it as a Metal year is coming up quickly and soon the odds will favor a decline into April-May. The risk-reward ratio is not good enough.

Staying out.

Here is our current prediction chart (click for larger image):

Gold Stocks (XAU)

current level: 182

While gold itself has surged to new highs again, the gold stocks stubbornly refuse to join it.

The XAU almost reached 200, still well short of the record it reached almost 2 years ago. And now it has dropped back to 180, which is back to where it was 2 months ago.

This ongoing divergence is not a good omen, and our Chinese cycles call for a bottom in February – March.

So we wait for at least a good correction in this market, and then we will see what next.

Here is our prediction chart (click for larger image):

We will cover oil and bonds in the next couple of days.

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